Cabrera Viscomital Palace


The viscountcy of Cabrera was a territory with its own governmental system, under the administration of agents under the allegiance of the viscounts, from the notary to the judge and the attorney general and other authorities, who ensured the governability of the territory. The material remains of this administration and its governing works are still visible in several places throughout the viscountcy.

The Gothic viscountcy palace was conceived by Arnau Bargués (architect for the king Martin the Humane), underwritten by viscount Bernat IV of Cabrera and supervised by the mayor of Blanes, Pere Mollet, around the year 1388. During the 15th century, once finished, the palace was sold and converted into an army barracks, and at the end of the same century, the building was attacked and blown up by French troops during the Nine Years' War. It still retains many stretches of the original exterior walls, and some barrel vault voussoirs with interesting ornamental sculpture elements. Santa Maria Church, annexed to the palace, became the parish seat of the town of Blanes in 1319.

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