• comercial-01

    The Viscount’s Palace of Blanes as a starting point and which explains the thematic axis and the elements that make it up.

  • comercial-02

    1 exhibition interpretation center at Museu Etnològic del Montseny La Gabella – MEMGA- (Arbúcies).

  • comercial-03

    4 heritage elements that make up the route.

  • comercial-04

    1 audiovisual creation at the Viscount’s Palace et Gothic Fountain of Blanes


The viscountcy of Cabrera was a very important feudal lordship which formed part of the Catalano-Aragonese crown.

It stretched from the woodland mountains of Montseny, the Guilleries Mountains and Collsacabra to the Mediterranean sea, with the centre located in the present-day region of La Selva. Its lords led lives worthy of the novels of chivalry. One such case is the viscount Bernat II de Cabrera, who in the 14th century became the principal advisor and admiral to the king, Pere el Cerimoniós (Peter the Ceremonious), and transformed the castle of Montsoriu, the seat of power of the line, into a impregnable gothic fortress.

Commerce under the viscountcy was dynamic and well-represented by its markets. It was built upon lines of communication which linked the different villages, and the availability of good connections with martimes routes, established by outstanding navigators such as Jaume Ferrer de Blanes, who visited various Mediterranean ports and participated as a cosmographer in the division of the world in the Treaty of Tordesillas, in the year 1494.

The viscountcy of Cabrera had other distinguished characters, such as viscountess Ermessenda de Montsoriu, founder of the monastery at Breda, or notary of Hostalric, Pere de Santantoni, who was named attorney general of the viscountcy in the 14th century. Today, we can still admire a range of different places and monuments which take us back to the time of the viscountcy and its players: lofty castles, lonely hermitages, protective walls, silent monasteries, watchtowers... A full patrimonial legacy that allows us to travel back to the Middle Ages, and at the same time enjoy a range of activities and modern-day services.

Welcome to the viscountcy of Cabrera


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