Sils Lake Marking Stones


The viscountcy of Cabrera was a territory with its own governmental system, under the administration of agents under the allegiance of the viscounts, from the notary to the judge and the procurer general and other authorities, who ensured the governability of the territory. The material remains of this administration and its governing works are still visible in several places throughout the viscountcy.

Sils Lake occupied a surface area of approximately 7 km2 and in old cartography is often shown as larger than the lake in Banyoles. A document from 1660 records the concession to gather ice in favour of Francesc Villar (owner of an ice well in Maçanet) by viscount of Cabrera, Guillem Ramon de Montcada, in exchange for a deposit of 35 pounds and two annual sous in Barcelona currency. In 1740, the duke of Medinaceli, husband of viscountess of Cabrera, Maria Teresa de Montcada, ordered the placement of marking stones to show the limits of the lake. The process of drainage (with various attempts since the 13th century) was not concluded successfully until the construction of a drainage ditch in 1851.

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