Monestry of Sant Salvador


The viscounty of Cabrera was a territory, from a religious point of view, formed by a diversity of parishes with their own churches and sanctuaries offering religious services to society. There were also a number of monasteries from various religious orders.

The Sant Salvador de Breda monastery was founded in 1038 by Ermessenda de Montsoriu, viscountess of Girona, and her husband Guerau de Cabrera, and its church was dedicated in 1068. The bell tower is a notable example of Romanesque architecture, and the temple’s nave began to undergo a process of Gothic renovation at the beginning of the 14th century. This reform was finished at the start of the 16th century by the abbot Miquel Samsó, who also undertook the construction of the Gothic abbatial palace. The cloister was completely remodelled around the year 1300, becoming an open central yard with a fountain in its centre, surrounded by galleries (upper and lower) which connected the different sectors of the monastery: chapter house, refectory, cells, kitchen, church, etc.

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