Church of Santa Maria


The viscounty of Cabrera was a territory, from a religious point of view, formed by a diversity of parishes with their own churches and sanctuaries offering religious services to society. There were also a number of monasteries from various religious orders.

The Santa Maria de Breda Church was the first parish seat of the town. The oldest reference to it is found in the foundation act of the Benedictine monastery of Sant Salvador de Breda, in 1038. In 1835, due to the Spanish Confiscation Law and the abandonment of the monastery by the Benedictine monks, the parish seat was transferred to the grand church of the abandoned monastery. The front part of the old Church of Santa Maria then became the Town Hall, and the rest of the building became firstly the town’s public school, and afterwards a girls’ school, a warehouse, a court of law and a bank. Nowadays, the building houses the Town Hall and the Josep Aragay Museum, and displays some remains of Romanesque paintings on its apse.

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