Church of Sant Romà


The viscountcy of Cabrera shared a border with lands controlled by other feudal lords (Cardona, Montcada, Cruïlles, the Church, etc.) with whom neighbourly relations were established, which depending on the era and circumstances could be better or worse.

The Church of Sant Romà was consecrated in 1522, substituting an older church of the same name as parish church (the current hermitage of Mare de Déu de les Alegries), at the time when the population moved from inland to the coast. It is a building with a rectangular floor plan in a style that moves from Catalan gothic towards Renaissance, and was fortified to defend against raids from pirates and other sea-borne dangers. Posterior reformations were carried out, especially at the beginning of the 20th century, which gave it a modernist look, with decoration on its coloured tiles which can be observed to this day. In the 16th century, the territory of Lloret was under the rule of the canons of Girona Cathedral.

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