Church Sant Feliu de Buixalleu


The viscounty of Cabrera, in the religious field, was made up of several parishes with their respective churches and hermitages, which offered religious services to society. He also founded several monasteries of different religious orders.

The church of Sant Feliu is mentioned for the first time in a document from the year 1019 and, as a parish, it was part of the castle of Montsoriu and the mayor’s office of n’Orri in the viscounty of Cabrera. The temple is of Romanesque origin and still retains elements of this style, such as the lower part of the bell tower, which has twin windows with semicircular arches. Later renovations were carried out on the original building; two side naves were annexed in the Gothic period, the sacristy was built at noon and a porch was also built. The current access has a semicircular arch with a blind eardrum and is located in the western part of the complex. Restoration work was carried out around 1970.

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