Saint John's Castle


The viscountcy of Cabrera shared a border with lands controlled by other feudal lords (Cardona, Montcada, Cruïlles, the Church, etc.) with whom neighbourly relations were established, which depending on the era and circumstances, could be better or worse.

Saint John's Castle first appears in documentation in 1041, in a donation from the viscounts Guerau and Ermessenda (the husband and wife founders of the viscountcy of Cabrera) to Sicardis, lady of Lloret and sister of Ermessenda. In the 12th century, the castle passed to the lordship of the canons of Girona Cathedral, becoming part of their dominion until the beginning of the 19th century. From the second half of the 17th century, the activity of the castle diminished and by the end, only the main tower was used as a lookout position, which in 1805 was almost totally destroyed by the British Armada. The castle fell into neglect until 1965, when a restoration project was begun

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