Virgin Mary Gate


The viscountcy of Cabrera was articulated through a network of castles and fortified houses, which were the seats of politic and military power for the nobility in the Middle Ages. This defensive system was supplemented with a number of walled-in villages and watchtowers.

This voussoired gate, with a barrel vault arch, is the only visible element of the ancient medieval walls which encircled and protected the town of Blanes. It’s one of the four gates that permitted to gain access to the medieval town, and it was probably built during the defensive reinforcement process of the Blanes walls endeavoured by Violant de Prades, viscountess of Cabrera, in the second half of the 15th century. On the upper part of the inner side of the gate, we can notice the narrow groove through which the portcullis was raised and lowered. Also on the inner side of the gate, we can still see some of the metal supports of the doors, and the side hollows where the crosspiece bar was slotted.