Fornils Castle


The viscountcy of Cabrera shared a border with lands controlled by other feudal lords (Cardona, Montcada, Cruïlles, the Church, etc.) with whom neighbourly relations were established, which depending on the era and circumstances, could be better or worse.

The castle is constructed around a master tower, possibly built in the 11th century, surrounded by embrasured walls, wall passages, a possible pit in the northern sector and quarters probably built in the 12th and 13th centuries, of which important parts still remain. In the room situated in the north of the master tower, the beginnings of arches constructed from travertine ashlars are preserved. At some time in the 12th century, it became the centre of the castral district of Fornils, with the parishes of Sant Martí Sacalm and Susqueda. The castle was the property of the Viscounts of Cardona, passing in the 14th century to the Count of Pallars Sobirà and in 1369, Gilabert of Cruïlles and Mallorca would acquire the rights along with the district of Rupit Castle

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