Anglès Castle


The viscountcy of Cabrera was articulated through a network of castles and fortified houses, which were the seats of politic and military power for the nobility in the Middle Ages. This defensive system was supplemented by a number of walled-in villages and watchtowers

The first historical mention of the castle is related to the will and testament of Viscount Guerau V of Cabrera, from 1242, when he created for his son Ramon a small inheritance made up of the castles of Anglès and Brunyola. The medieval castle suffered a systematic destruction, especially during the 15th century, due to a series of earthquakes and to the War of the Remences. The few vestiges still in existence barely amount to a few walls with arrow slits and some spaces fossilized within the present urban layout, as for example the Town Square, which was the castle’s place of arms

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