Breda is a small municipality located in the territory of Montseny, in the region of La Selva. Since the end of the 9th century there is evidence of population, although it cannot be considered a fully settled population until 200 years later.

In 1038, the viscounts of Girona, Guerau de Cabrera and Ermessenda, decided to build a monastery in the city, which definitively boosted their situation in the territory. This monastery was maintained by the Benedictine monks where a church was built. It was then that the church of Santa María de Breda was built, which is currently not preserved, but the foundations of which have served for different buildings to the present day that gives space to the town hall and the “José Aragay” municipal museum.


In the following document you can download the triptych of Breda heritage elements linked to the Viscounty of Cabrera:

Breda Triptych

Virtual tour of the heritage elements of the Breda Viscounty



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