Buscatell Ice Well


The Viscountcy of Cabrera was a territory of dynamic commerical activity and was well represented by its markets, its area of greatest influence. It was constructed around a network of roads which linked different villages and urban centres, also availing of a good connection with maritime routes.

This covered ice well is the largest in Catalonia. Its first mention in documentation is from the mid-17th century, when it was the property of Miquel Buscastell. Inside the well, the ice was deposited, obtained during winter from nearby ponds, alternating it with layers of branches of plants that aided its preservation. Most of the Buscatell ice was sold in Girona, but was also distributed in Barcelona, and from there to Mallorca. The Maçanet History Workshop began restoration work in 1997. In the case of the Villà ice well, also in Maçanet, there is recorded evidence of the agreement by the Viscount of Cabrera, Guillem Ramon de Montcada, to collect ice from Sils Lake from 1660 on.