Relliguer Cave


The viscountcy of Cabrera articulated itself through a network of castles and fortified houses, which were the seats of politic and military power for the nobility in the Middle Ages. This defensive system was supplemented with a number of walled-in villages and watchtowers.

The Relliguer Cave is an underground gallery hollowed out of the granitic rock face at the foot of the castle. The entrance is in the medieval enclosure, in a sector very close to the one of the main gates of the walls (the Barcelona Gate) and also near to the mediaeval fortified path that connects the town to the fortress(ancient castle). The cave is a hypogeum comprising a 26-metre passageway that leads down to a small room at a depth of six metres. It might be a hypogeum used as a shelter and hiding place in times of danger or a gallery related to the fortification of the hill