Arbúcies is a municipality in the region of La Selva. Located at the bottom of a long and deep valley, between Montseny and Guilleries, it is a valley isolated from the whole of La Selva.

Arbúcies was populated by the Iberian population and later by the Romans. Feudalism was established in the Middle Ages, where the Castle of Montsoriu and the Viscounts of Cabrera had great importance.

Presided over by the Agudas peak and secluded by the Montseny mountains, the Arbúcies municipality is located in the middle of the Montseny Natural Park and the Guilleries area, a declared territory for the protection of areas of natural interest.


In the following document you can download the triptych of Arbúcies heritage elements linked to the Viscounty of Cabrera:

Arbúcies triptych

Virtual tour of the heritage elements of the Anglès Viscounty



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